GIS Mapping. Water drilling. Plumbing

Aquitech Geoservices is an indigenous Nigerian company established with the primary objective of promoting environmentally sound practice in water drilling, GIS mapping and plumbing services. Our team of  Geologists, Engineers and Cartographers are certified and experienced.

GIS Mapping..

Remote sensing for geological interpretation, environmental studies, mineral exploration, water resources, digitization and georeferencing.

Water Drilling..

Hydrogeological services for ground water exploration and production for domestic and industrial use.

Plumbing Services

Water engineering and maintainance including wter supply and drainage channels. We are emergency ready to your need.

Our organization at a glance

The Aquitech Group is an indigenous Nigerian company with her certified team of Geologist, Engineers and Cartographers. We offer services including water drilling, plumbing services, GIS services, Water treatment installation, water shed management and erosion control. We execute our projects with international standard and best practices aimed at minimizing the environmental impact and promote sustainable growth.

Our Cooperate Social Responsibilities, Code of Conduct and Quality Assurancehas placed us high above our competitors.

Our team is commited to providing the best experience you need, prompt service delivery and business environment. We are a group of young entrepreneurs, geologists, engineers and project managers carefully selected to add value to your project.

We are embarking on a journey to see what we can do to improve the world at large.

1. To become No.1 GIS Service provider in Nigeria.

2. To ensure every citizen get access to portable drinking water by been commited to our social responsibility.

3. To set restrictions to engagement with affairs that pose potential threat to the environment

4. To promote unity in diversity to achieve a common goal.

5. To help develop young minds, to offer value and be purpose driven in accordance with national human right commision (NHRC).

6. To promote peace, security, and development of the economy.

Our goal is to become the leading geoservices provider in Nigeria.

We pride ourselves to be an indigenous startup as we work up the ladder of development to improve our service delivery. It’s part of our objectives to give back to the the society as a way of appreciating their suppports for ensure a peaceful coexistence with the host community. As such it is our responsibility to provide portable water for our host community, offer training opportunities.

Core Services

Water Drilling

Our Engineers and Hydro geologists design and implement procedures to drill a water wells as safely and economical as possible. We test for the sustainability of the aquifer by carrying out appropriate Geophysical method(s) prior drilling, Aquifer Pumping Test using the Theis principle and simpson’s rule.

GIS Mapping

Produce a map, Digitize, Geo-reference, Embellish your maps. we offer map interpretation services describing the rock types, mineral composition, and citing project suitability areas, hydrological investigations, map overlay, map projection.we use specialized software packages in our map works and simulations.


GET IT FIXED NOW!!! we offer emergency plumbing services to Domestic and industrial buildings. Our plumbers are equipped with the latest technologies. We offer drainage systems designs and flood control, installation and replacement of underground pipes, fittings and fixtures.

About us

The Aquitech Group is a indegenous Nigerian company, established in the year 2017. Our team of engineers and Cartographers are certified and experienced. We offer services in water drilling, plumbing and GIS services, water treatment, watershed management and errosion control. we execute our project with international standard and best practices aimed at minimizing environmental impacts and promote sustainable growth. Our cooperate social responsibilities, code f conduct and quality assurance policy has placed us high above our competitors.

  • Efficiency 92%
  • Quality 87%
  • Timeliness 95%



Social Works

Our team of geoscientist



Lead, Water Drilling and GIS mapping. Digitization



Lead, Erosion and Flood control.


Lead, Borehole Geophysical survey.

Our map work

Our mentors

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Loraj consortium...

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