2018 university admission guide every student should know. this article is for aspirants seeking admission into the university but don’t know how to go about it, or your jamb score is below the cutoff mark of your first choice? Careful read below the 2018 admission guide recommended from the survey on how to easily gain admission into the university.
A survey was carried out on 13 students, who secured admission into one of the top universities in Nigeria, Results and recommendation have been pointed out in this article.

How to Easily Get Admission Into Any Department of your choice – 2018 University Admission guide

  1. Study hard and get a high JAMB and PUTME scores. Say 250 and above to boost your average. This is our first recommendation in our list of 2018 university admission guide.

  2. Choose a less competitive course. Courses that are very competitive are likely to have high cut-off mark, to reduce the number of qualified applicants for the course.

    Where as some courses needs students to fill the required slot. Students finds it difficult coping with the curriculum of higher courses.

    Generally, Engineering courses are more competitive with high number of applicants and cut-off mark. click to view list of very competitive institution

  3. Apply for supplementary form as applicable to Candidates whose names are not on the 1st, 2nd list.

    At this point students have the advantage of knowing the cut-off as applicable to different courses. Applying for a course with lower cut-off than the initial course applied for is usually advisable.
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    The chances of getting admitted into the course will increase.


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    Other Recommendations – 2018 university admission guide

  4. Ensure your olevel subject combinations are the required subject. Not being admitted with high JAMB and PUTME scores students are cut up in the web of wondering whythis is so.

    Note that some schools don’t accept olevel combination and awaiting results, so it is advisable to pass your olevel before proceeding to seat for JAMB.

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