Water drilling

Our engineers and hydrogeologists design and implement procedures to drilll a water well as safely and economical as possible. We test for the sustainability of the aquifer by carrying out appropriate geophysical test, aquifer characterization using theis principle, and finally carryout environmental impact analysis to access the impacts. The geologist has the responsibility of ensuring that costs are minimized while gathering samples from the formation. The water sample is collected and taken to a certified laboratory for physio-chemical test afterwhich recommendations for water treatment are proposed.

GIS mapping

Digitize, georeference, embellish and reproject map layers. We offer map interpretation services, description on rocks formation, minerals composition from satellite imagery and remotelly sensed data. We use specialized computer softwares to carry out our mapworks. We produce geologic maps, base maps, topographic maps, aerial maps, satellite imagery.

Plumbing services

GET IT FIXED !!! Woffer emergency plumbing services for domestic and industrial buildings, our timely response enables us enables for emmergency situation as we understand the challenges of water spillage. Our plumbers are equiped with the latest technology in the industry for execution of project and for renovation. Drainage system and flood control, assembling, installing and replacing underground pipes, fittings and fixtures according to specifications and plumbing codes are among the services offered to our esteemed clients.